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Abbott Cheese Listeria Litigation - British Columbia

Twenty-one cases of Listeriosis were traced back to the consumption of camembert cheese sold or given away at the Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1998. At least two women suffered miscarriages as a result of their infections.

Marler Clark represented Molly Sandvick who was eight weeks pregnant when she and her fiance took a float plane from Seattle to Victoria for a weekend getaway. The couple, who are getting married that weekend, stayed at a resort hotel where they ordered from room service a plate with about eight varieties of cheese. Five days before the Canadian Food Inspection Agency warned consumers not to eat B.C.-made Abbott’s Choice cheese products because they may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria that cause listeriosis, an infection of the blood that can be deadly. Sandvick was one of two women who ate the cheese and lost the babies they were carrying. 

The lawsuit was resolved.

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